CHI Residences 138

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Excellent for enjoyable and leisure, CHI Residences 138 is found in the Hong Kong Island West location of Hong Kong. The hotel is not far from the city center: just 2.0 km away, and it generally takes regarding 37 mins to get to the flight terminal. With its practical area, the lodging provides simple accessibility to the city’s must-see destinations. The facilities and solutions offered by CHI Residences 138 ensure a pleasant stay for guests. Top components of the hotel consist of laundry service/dry cleaning, business facility, pets allowed, elevator, protection down payment boxes. Visitors could select from 52 rooms, all which radiate an environment of total peace and consistency. The hotel offers a lot of distinct recreational services such as massage therapy, gym. With a perfect room and facilities to match, CHI Residences 138 makes a hit in a lot of means.

Situated a 10-minute drive from Central, the CHI Residences 138 deals comfy apartments prepared with a coffee machine, a flat-screen TELEVISION and sandals. It includes extensive harbor sights and 4-star apartments. The CHI Residences 138 has 52 units and supplies a fitness center. Free Wi-Fi accessibility is available. Various other apartment building centers feature a lift, a 24 hr reception and a concierge. Every comfortable apartment at the CHI Residences 138 consists of a kitchenette, an exclusive bathroom and herbal tea and coffee making centers. The units all have a hair clothes dryer, free toiletries and a DVD gamer along with cooling. For extra convenience bathrobes are also supplied. The CHI Residences 138 is situated in the prominent vacationer location of Sai Wan. The College of Hong Kong and Man Mo Holy place are less than a 20-minute walk away.

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