About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of delight and pleasure. This city is well organized. The best time to visit this city is usually in spring or usually in October and November (autumn). Winters are usually chilly and temperatures drop down. Hong Kong is a little bit pricey destination but the transportation services are excellent and run 24 hours round the clock and are dirt cheap as compared to the other cities around the World. More than 90% of the daily travels are on public transport, one of the highest in the world.

Hong Kong has good range of hotels to stay in namely Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Courtyard by Marriott, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. The Langham Place, Mongok offers good services. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The hotel has a good gym and pool and has a nice outdoor area for evening drinks.

The other hotel is Hotel Icon. This stylish hotel is in comparison with the largest mainstream competitors and is for a fair price. It is a 4.5 star hotel but the services are excellent as compared to 7 star hotels. The hotel is in a good location surrounded by bars and restaurants in the local area.

The Four Seasons Hotel is in a beautiful location, up-to-date with modern amenities, connected to the IFC mall. The Four Seasons is equipped with steam rooms, saunas, 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour business center where a guest can check his e-mail.

The Upper House is another hotel providing oasis in the Hong Kong. The spaces of the room and the bathrooms are excellent. The food in this hotel is mouthwatering and the bar provides excellent services on the floor.

The best place to freak out in Hong Kong is Tian Tan Buddha, a seated representation of Gautama Buddha measuring around 25 meters high. A bell within the Buddha usually rings 108 times during the day. Another visit in Hong Kong is an amusement park which is called the Ocean Park. It is the top theme park of Hong Kong.

Other places for sightseeing are a Peak Tower which has wax likeliness of international stars. Another amusement part especially for children is the Hong Kong Disneyland. It is a very small scale Disney Franchise filled with attractions like roller coaster ride and other amusements games for the children.

You also have temples to visit like Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. A temple to visit for all walks of society with pillars, colorful roofs. It is a place filled with positive and enlightenment energy. Another place to visit is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. It is a very photogenic temple.

For lovers of the arts, the excellent place to visit is the Hong Kong Museum of arts. It is filled with Chinese arts, historical pictures etc.

Another place to visit in Hong Kong is the Ngong Ping Village. It is a cable ride around 7 km and takes around 25 minutes and the Big Buddha made of bronze is the center of attraction. Restaurants with good scrumptious food are available on the top.

For spiritual peace, one of the best places to visit is Po Lin Monastery. The monastery is located on the Lantau Island. It has the largest seated Buddha in the world. The tourist should avoid weekend and holidays. It is better to reach on the weekdays so a proper and peaceful view could be observed.

For activity lovers, the places to visit are like Lantau Island. Can be covered with train, buses, cable cars. The main features of this island are the Big Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village, cable ride etc.

Another island from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life city is the Cheung Chau Island, a place people go to relax and breathe the fresh air. The island has excellent food, cool atmosphere and nice beaches to look forward for. Its center of attractions is the Pirate’s cave, nature walks, a nice village to see.

Lamma Island is another good place to visit in Hong Kong. A person can spend a whole day there as it has sea food, beaches, bird watching.

For food lovers, Hong Kong has good restaurants providing luscious and delicious foods, like City Hall Maxim’s palace, Wu Kong Shangai Restaurant; the speciality of this restaurant is cold pigeons in wine and hairy crab meal.

For vegetarian food and Indian lovers, Hong Kong has good dine restaurants like Woodlands and Khana Khazana which offer good Indian Vegetarian Foods. Khan Khazana has statues of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna at the entrance of the restaurant. All in all, Hong Kong has around 330 restaurants.

Where to Shop

1. Jade Market. A place filled with around 400 stalls selling all varieties and grades of jade. Next near Jade Market is the Shangai Street which is filled with stores offering Chinese wedding gowns, Buddha Statues, etc.
2. For buying reasonably priced casual clothes, toys etc is the Stanley Market, but the best time to visit is usually in weekdays as on the weekends it is filled with Tourists and locals.
3. For mall lovers, the IFC Mall is the luxurious shopping mall.

Other Attractive Places to Visit

• Hong Kong Skyline: It is wonderful place to see and you can see the laser shows from the skyline.
• Dragon black for hiking lovers, it takes around one hour from the bus to reach there but the beauty of the trail makes it worth.
• Victoria Harbour
• Nian Len Garden. The Nian Len Garden is a park for children which is located at the east of the Diamond Hill MTR station and opens daily from 7 am till 9 am. The main attractions of this garden are rock, water features and trees. It is a peaceful place and can be visited to escape the busy life.

Various events keep on taking place in Hong Kong throughout the year. Like the Chinese New Year, various events take place like dances, parades, fireworks etc. Cultural activities take place usually from February to April. The Hong Kong Arts festival is a month long international festival. Other festivals that take place are namely Spring Lantern Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Christmas, Halloween, New Years Eve.

Overall, Hong Kong is an excellent place to spend the holidays or for a business trip.