Dining in Hong Kong

There are some truly fabulous dining options in Hong Kong for you to choose from. There are lots of good restaurants that serve classical, Cantonese, Italian, Chinese, and continental food. This makes dining in Hong Kong a pleasurable and mouth watering experience, and the really comfortable thing is that you would get food for every kind of budget. There are a number of fine restaurants which serve delicious food at higher costs and there are some which offer you dining options at costs which are slightly lower. And, if you have a restricted budget, then street food of Hong Kong is the best option.

Top Hong Kong Restaurants

Let’s begin with some top restaurants available in Hong Kong. Located on 34 Gough Street is a small but exotic French restaurant, On Lot 10. David Lai, the chef, makes sure to serve fresh family style food to its loyal clientele. The restaurant’s specialties include locally bought roasted chicken, whole bird, roasted whole fish, sweetbreads, veal kidneys, and seafood soup. You could get a three course dinner at USD35, which is reasonable keeping in view of the quality of food.

Island Tang, situated at 9 Queen’s road central, is a stylish Chinese restaurant which is famous for its Chinese delicacies. The restaurant’s ambiance is comforting and soothing with plush seating and interiors. The menu contains some really classic Cantonese dishes such as honey coated barbecued pork, soft and moist boneless duck, and lettuce wrapped and wok fried pigeon. The service here is of excellent quality and costs also are not much higher. A full dinner here would cost you USD45 and lunch for USD15, a logical pricing.

Above & beyond is yet another classic Cantonese restaurant which is located at the Science Museum Road. The delicious and mouth-watering dishes here at this restaurant include pan-seared Kagoshima pork belly, smoked egg with black truffles and oolong tea leaves, jellyfish and duck honeydew melon and cantaloupe, and marinated shredded chicken. The chef here is Joseph Tse who ensures that you get the best menu and services. The prices of lunch and dinner here is USD15 and USD35 respectively.

Introduced in the year 2009 and located at 18 Kau U Fong, The Chairman, has achieved to make a name for itself owing to its delicacies. This restaurant is the first choice of individuals who do not like Chinese food and want something different. Its menu includes pickled ginger, which is prepared in house, steamed crab with chicken oil and old Shaoxing wine, smoked baby pigeon, pork spare ribs (slowly cooked), and soy sauce chicken. The interesting thing with this restaurant is that its menu keeps on changing with seasons. A dinner here would cost you around USD50 and lunch at USD17.

Tim’s Kitchen, positioned at 84-90 Bonham Strand, is yet another Cantonese restaurant that is known for its dried and rare ingredients such as abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, and bird’s nest. The food offered here includes braised goose with pork tendon, roasted pigeon, and braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe. During winters, the restaurant offers warm snake soup, whole crab claws which are steamed with egg or winter melon or deep fried with peppercorn salt. Dinner at this splendid restaurant would cost about USD45 and lunch for USD15, which is reasonable enough in view of the delicacies and service provided.

Street Food in Hong Kong

Well now, let us see what street food in Hong Kong has to offer us. The streets of Hong Kong have a lot to offer in terms of food. You could get some delicious and hot food at Graham Street, Temple Street, Haiphong Street, Hau Fook Street, and Causeway bay. Outdoor food vendors in Hong Kong are known as dai pai dongs.

The black sesame Tong Yuen is an ideal food for breakfast and easy to find in almost all the streets. Tong Yuen is basically glutinous rice balls that are filled with red bean paste or sweet black sesame and topped with chopped nuts. Some people also prefer to take it as dessert. Some other street food include dim sum, stuffed mushrooms and peppers, curry fish balls, and skewered beef.
You would also get sweet tofu soup, dumplings, egg tarts, snake soups in the dai pai dongs in Hong Kong. Other items in the street food list include curried fish balls, hot pots, and stinky tofu skewers. The street food is economical and offers great taste.
Seafood in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its delicious seafood all across the globe. As a result, there are plenty of seafood restaurants here. Ah Shun’s Kitchen, placed at 47 Tai San Street, offers awesome seafood such as geoducks with cooked vermicelli, and clams braised in fiery spicy wine broth. You can pick your food from nearby market and take it to Ah Shun and they would prepare the seafood with their expertise.

The good thing with Hong Kong’s seafood is that it is always fresh. The seafood menu includes steamed fish with seasonings like mushrooms, ginger, shallots, and fruit peel. At Jumbo Kingdom, situated at Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Steamed Fresh Red Spotted Garoupa with pork and mushroom is offered at USD80/catty.

Stir fried fish, stir fried crab, baked crab, baked lobster, drunken shrimp, deep fried shrimp are some other varieties of seafood that are prevalent in Hong Kong. The seafood is usually costly if you eat it at reputed joints.

Late Night Eats

Hong Kong offers some yummy and tasty food that can be eaten late night. Some late night food includes Chiu Chaw da lang, Hong Kong Desserts, hotpot, and noodle and congee.

Fusion Foods

Fusion cuisine in Hong Kong is also very famous. It is called fusion because it is a combination of Hong Kong food and food from other countries. Some varieties of fusion cuisine are stir-fried noodles with beef in Swiss sauce, baked cheese cake with milk and egg white, seared garoupa fillet stuffed with fish maw in truffle sauce and layered custard.

Dining options in Hong Kong are aplenty and offer great taste. There are options no matter what type of budget you have.