Travel Tips

Travel Tips to Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong for leisure or business requires some planning on individual’s part. There are certain things that should be kept in mind before making a trip to Hong Kong. This would not only make your trip smooth but also provide you a pleasurable experience. Lack of proper homework would create unexpected hurdles and make your voyage a cumbersome journey. It is imperative on your part to do extensive research over the Internet and plan your visit accordingly. Plan your visit well in advance so as to avoid any discomfort during your stay in Hong Kong.

General Tips

There are several travel websites and travel advisor sites available over the Internet. You must browse through them to get the feel of the place where you are going to visit. These websites provide information about hotels, restaurants, places to visit, and various dining options available in Hong Kong. Read all the information so as to get acquainted with the places. This would help you to prepare mentally for the visit.

Make sure that you book your accommodation well in advance so that you do not face any problems regarding it. Accommodation is the most important aspect of your visit so pay full attention to it. These days you can easily book hotels in advance through any of the travel related websites. Some hotels also have their own websites that offer booking options. However, before booking your stay, it is advisable to go through the hotel reviews posted in the websites. These reviews are written by individuals who have stayed at the hotels in Hong Kong and reliable in nature. This would give you an idea about what type of hotel you are going to stay and whether this hotel is up to your expectations and suits your budget.

Reading these reviews would also inform you about the problems that you might encounter during your stay so that you make beforehand plans to avoid them. Same goes for restaurants and other dining options. The websites list most of the dining options available in Hong Kong and you could choose according to your taste and budget. There are some restaurants which serve only Cantonese food and for people who do not like this kind of food, it would be a big problem for them. However, if you are prepared in advance it would be easier for you to locate a dining option of your choice. Then, if you have done your homework thoroughly by browsing the travel websites, you would be better prepared to handle the issues efficiently.

Further, it is recommended to go through the Hong Kong tourism board’s website to gather information about the Hong Kong Island. As it is the Government website, it is the most authentic site and the information provided here can be trusted. This website would be of great help, especially to the first time visitors. There are few other Government owned websites about Hong Kong as well that offer information about places to visit and stay. Going through these would make your visit a pleasurable experience.

Specific Tips

There are several good hotels and guesthouses that offer comfortable accommodation. Some good hotels in Hong Kong include Hotel Icon, Nathan Hotel, Silka Seaview Hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel, Twenty One Whitfield, and Butterfly on Hollywood Boutique Hotel. You can search for the amenities and facilities provided by each of them on travel related websites and plan accordingly. Keep in mind that there are several deals and packages offered by the hotels from time to time so take advantage of them. Most of the hotels in Hong Kong offer broadband facility, taxi services, and laundry services. However, if you do not want to avail these services, look for other hotels as you would have to pay for these services. There are special vacation packages offered for visitors from different countries.

When you land in Hong Kong, make sure that you always have guidebooks and maps with you all the time. They would come handy if you lose your way while travelling. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) offers various facilities to the tourists and taxis to almost all the destinations are available from here. It is well managed airport so you do not have bother about your baggage and all. It would be taken care of by the authorities who are always on their toes to help the guests. Guests can also avail the services of Airport express train to reach their respective destinations. The train runs at every twelve minutes and is fast and economical as well.

Mass Transit railway System of Hong Kong is very efficient and offers quick services. Those who do not want to travel by trains, bus services are available for them. There are major operators of bus services in Hong Kong that provide services to the visitors. Then, taxi services are also there to be availed by the guests visiting Hong Kong. More transportation includes trams, ferries, hire cars, luxury, and ordinary buses.

Dining Tips

There are some really fantastic dining options available in Hong Kong. Make sure you taste all the ethnic cuisines of Hong Kong. There are some delicious locally prepared dishes including dim sum, fishes, crabs, lobsters, steamed fish, and stir-fried fish. Hong Kong restaurants offer all these dishes but you really want to have a great taste, go for street food of Hong Kong. The street food such as noodles, dim sum, Tong Yuen, milk tea, and ying yang not only offers great taste but also helps you understand the food culture of Hong Kong.

Sightseeing Tips

There are a number of places that are visited by tourists in Hong Kong such as The Peak, Avenue of Stars, Ladies market, Temple Street Market, and Ocean Park. However, you must know their routes so as to save time and money. If you are staying in a hotel or a guesthouse, ask the manager to provide you the easiest route and mode of transport for all these destinations. They are local people and hence, know well about these things. You can also take a help of local guides that can be arranged by the hotel management.
Conclusively, it is of vital importance to do your grounding work thoroughly prior to making a visit to Hong Kong.