Shopping In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not the place for only travelling and amusements, it is also great for shopping. The city has an incredible variety of goods and because of it the city has become an international center of trade. It has various markets to shop and trade but some of them are the real attractions of Hong Kong.

Near the Gascoigne road, stands the Jade Market which has near about 300 above stalls selling all varieties of jade. It is filled with expensive qualities of jade but there are plenty of stalls selling cheap varieties of jade. Also near to it is the Shanghai Street, which has stalls selling Chinese wedding gowns, Buddha statues, and also kitchenware.


Moving on, we have another big market which is the Stanley Market. The Stanley Market is a place where a person can buy casual clothes with good bargaining, but it is always advisable that the person visits the market place on weekdays, because the weekends are filled with local people with lot of hustle and bustle. For mall lovers, the city has malls to enjoy. The IFC Mall is the most luxurious shopping mall. It has high brands outlets. It is also linked with the Four Seasons Hotel. Another beautiful mall across the town is the Pacific Place. The Pacific Place has more than hundred outlets filled with high class men and women fashion accessories.

Filled with escalators and covered with market selling clothes and garments from all across the Asia stands the Island Beverly Mall. The famous shopping area in Mong Kok which is the must for the visit for tourist is the Ladies Street. The Ladies Street has clothes; leather wares are available which are trendy but inexpensive also. The market starts in the morning and is open till about 10 in the evening. Fashion shows are always hosted whenever there is a change in season so as to impress tourists in Hong Kong.

In the Causeway Bay exists the Japanese store which has 37,000 square meters of retail space. The store has wide selection of International items, skin care products, jewellery, home appliances, electrical appliances, and every store has a supermarket in it.


Hong Kong’s largest mall, the Harbour City has three malls in one, namely the Ocean Center, Ocean Terminal, and Gateway Arcade. Believe it or not, it has 450 shops, nearly touching 50 restaurants, two cinemas and three hotels in it. You will forget the time running once you enter this mall because it so vast. It is divided in four sections for kids, fashion, sports, and cosmetic and beauty. The Ocean Center is one place where you will latest electronic gadgets. Also near the Harbour City is the Canton Road for luxury shopping lovers.

iSquare is another place to visit which has wide range of jewellery, lifestyle and beauty and fine dining restaurants. Also have big retail shops like Mark&Spencer and HMV. The unique feature of this mall is the biggest cinema, the IMAX cinema.

For local people and for nightlife lovers, a mall for local celebrities is the apm which has nearly 170 outlets and closes nearly in the midnight but the restaurants are open up till 2 a.m. in the morning. The mall is mainly for young generations and teens. Fashion lovers usually flock this street side in the Causeway Bay, the Fashion Walk which has the world’s high-end fashion.

Near the Hong Kong International Airport are also present two malls The Skymart and Skyplaza. If you have forgotten to buy something at the end minute before you take off, you can land yourself in these two malls. Visiting 1881 Heritage will take you to the period of Victorian era. Various buildings and artefacts have been preserved there and this site also has a shopping mall, an exhibition hall, and a heritage hotel. Tourists can shop for international brands and dine out there in the hotel.

A mall which is also linked to the International Commerce Center which is the city’s tallest building from where you can get a view of Victoria and Hong Kong is the Elements. This mall has the largest number of Natural and organic food supermarket. Moving further on from the malls to the local markets where you can bargain and buy good quality inexpensive products. The Apliu Street Flea Market is the center of attraction for electronic buyers. You can buy new and second hand electronic devices, antique watches etc.

People who are lovers for antiques and old items, can quench there thirst from the Cat Street where a person can find treasures of antiques and art galleries. You will also get wooden handicraft items and embroideries. Looking for fresh fruits, foods, vegetables, meat and seafood enter the old wet market of Hong Kong is the Chun Yeung Market. It is one of the oldest food market found in town.

For aquarium lovers, the best place to visit is the Tung Choi Street North commonly known as the Goldfish Market which has many types of fish of various species of colorful fishes with high prices. It is believed in Feng Shui that these golden fish in home can bring good luck. Also in the Tung Choi Street a one-kilometer stretch market is the Ladies Market where you can practice your bargaining skills. It has largest amount of clothing and accessories for women and that too FOR SALE.

Hey kids do not be sad as Hong Kong has something for you too, a walk down at Tai Yuen Street, commonly known for Toys will rejoice you. A market filled with toys, toys made for the Christmas trees, classical toys of Hong Kong will make the kids go wild over. During festive season, you can also get festive decorations. Last but not the least is the Temple Street Night Market which is the place to visit for cheap clothes, open-air food, footwear, pirated CDs and DVDs and everyday items and for sure it is definitely a place to bargain.

So, Hong Kong, a center of trade and full of shops, is catering to whatever you need, ranging from street markets to shopping malls.

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