Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is really a beautiful city that offers a number of attractions to the visitors. It is a nice, neat and clean city and is great treat to the eyes. Here we will try to find out the top attractions that Hong Kong offers to the world.

Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong’s film industry is known as Hollywood of the East and the Avenue of Stars has been created to pay homage and tribute to the film artistes who have done Hong Kong film industry proud. Set in the picturesque The Peak, Avenue of Stars holds movie memorabilia, descriptive milestones, celebrity handprints, and commemorative plaques. Besides all these, it also boasts of a life size statute of the iconic martial arts hero, Bruce Lee and a bronze representation of McDull, the famous cartoon character. In all, Avenue of Stars is a must visit place no matter how busy you are while visiting Hong Kong.

The Peak. It is Hong Kong Island’s highest peak and offers spectacular view of the cityscapes. It is, and rightly so, the most attractive place to visit. Its panoramic view offer solace to the stressed minds and souls. The vantage points of The Peak include The Peak Tower, The Peak Galleria, and Peak Circle Walk. The Peak Tower offers a large platform known as Sky Terrace 428 from where you can observe the sky and cityscapes. The tower also contains some retails and dining outlets. The Peak Galleria provides a viewing deck as well as shopping and dining options. For individuals who love to walk Peak Circle walk offers a three and half kilometer of walking area.

The Peak Tram ride offers a sensational and awesome experience to the riders as they ride past Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. While visiting The Peak, riding The Peak Tram is not to be missed at any cost.

Ocean Park Hong Kong. Ocean Park is basically a theme park based on marine-life that features thrill shows and rides apart from animal exhibits. The park was opened in the year 1977 and has developed itself into one of the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Located in South Hong Kong, Ocean Park spreads into the vast eight lacs seventy thousand square meters. The park offers entertainment combined with conservation and education about marine life. Imperative to mention, Ocean Park has won the topmost award in the theme and amusement park industry, Applause Award. The park’s Summit areas and The Waterfront are connected to each other by Ocean Express train and the Cable Car.

Ocean Park Hong Kong offers entertainment facilities such as Polar Adventure, Old Hong Kong, Thrill Mountain, Rainforest, Aqua City, and amazing Asian animals. Polar adventure allows visitors to explore South and North poles through a sled ride. Here tourists get a chance to see penguins, snowy owls, arctic foxes, spotted seals, and Pacific walruses. Old Hong Kong show lets guests relive the unique culture of Hong Kong as it was in the decades of 1950, 60, and 70s.

Thrill Mountain is a roller costar ride that lets the visitors swing off the cliff. It offers the same experience as they would get while trekking the real mountains. Further, guests can indulge themselves in exploring the exotic tropical rainforest riding on the raft. On this voyage, tourists get a chance to meet some really fascinating animals including world’s smallest monkey Green Aracari, Kinkajour, largest rodents, the Capybara, critters, and Pygmy Marmoset. To get the real underwater experience, a visit to the Aqua City is a must, where you get an opportunity to meet more than four hundred aquatic species. It also offers an underwater dining restaurant, Neptune.

Rarest Asian animals are waiting to greet you ate the Amazing Asian Animals display at Ocean park Hong Kong. These include Chinese Alligators, Chinese giant salamanders, red pandas, and giant pandas. Some other attractions at the park are Ocean Theater, mine train roller coaster, Abysss turbo drop, and sea jelly spectacular. In all, a visit to the Ocean Park is not to be skipped.
Hong Kong Disneyland – Mystic Point. Mystic Point is the latest addition to Hong Kong’s Disneyland. It offers unlocking of great mysteries as you travel through it. It is named after Lord Henry Mystic, a great explorer, who has introduced his newest invention, the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage that takes guests to a round of his most recent acquisitions from all over the world.
Ladies Market. It is one of the most sought after markets of Hong Kong. The market offers a wide range of souvenirs, accessories, clothing, home furnishings, bags, cosmetics, and watches. The market has something for everyone no matter what type of budget you have.

Temple Street Night Market. Temple street night market opens after sunset and remains busy throughout the night. It takes its name from Tin Hau temple that is situated at the center of the market. Interestingly, many movies scenes have been shot here in this busy market. The market offers a suite of antiques, jade, menswear, watches, electronics, tea ware, trinkets, and much more. Apart from all these items, guests could get some tasty and yummy street food including noodles, seafood, and claypot rice. Anyone visiting Hong Kong makes it a point to visit this bubbly and cheerful market.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. It is the most impressive and an important landmark of Hong Kong Island. Widely recognized as HKCEC through the globe, this center has forty thousand square kilometers of aluminum roof that resembles seabird in flight. It is an epitome of architectural design and has won many international awards as well. Jackie Chan, the famous actor and director has shot his movie New Police Story here.

Golden Bauhinia Square. Bauhinia is the national emblem of Hong Kong. The square marks the handing over of Hong Kong to China and is also known as Reunification Monument. The square has beautiful Victoria Harbor as the backdrop. Guests coming to Hong Kong make sure to visit this place as this is the most important landmark in the recent history of Hong Kong.